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Internationalisation projects: what subsidies are you eligible for?

Is your company already active abroad or do you have an opportunity to tap into new foreign markets, and do you need strategic advice in this respect? As a new player in the export market, do you want to hire a strategic employee who can develop an effective go-to-market strategy? 

Whatever your personal international journey, every entrepreneur who wants to enter and conquer a foreign market will sooner or later bump into obstacles. Tackling an export project professionally requires the advice of experienced experts. But professional advice costs money. For this reason, the Flemish government has developed numerous support options, subsidies and financial grants. 

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The 7 subsidies you may be eligible for

1.   SME growth subsidy for internationalisation

Subsidies for seeking external advice and/or hiring a strategic employee as part of an internationalisation programme.
This entitles you to a subsidy amounting to 50% of your consultancy and/or salary costs with a maximum of 50,000 euros if you combine both options.

2.   Internationalisation starter pack

Companies can apply for various subsidies relating to export & internationalisation. The starter pack is a one-off, flat rate subsidy cheque of 9,000 euros for companies taking their first steps in an internationalisation programme.

3.   Development and translation of digital business communications 

Entering a new foreign market often requires developing new digital communications or translating existing content. You can apply for subsidies to develop or translate your website, social media campaign and/or corporate film.

4.   Participate at trade fairs and/or niche events

To make business contacts or build brand awareness among a specialised audience, SMEs participate at international trade fairs and niche events. Some of your costs can be recuperated with subsidies.

5.   Prospecting trips outside the EU

Prospecting trips are a great way to explore a new market and make personal contacts with potential customers and partners in the country in question. Flanders Investment & Trade)aims to financially support prospecting trips with this subsidy.

6.   Establishing a foreign prospecting office

Flemish companies that want or need a permanent presence in a particular foreign market often set up a prospecting office. This keeps them in touch with the changing needs of the country and allows them to monitor local customers closely. This subsidy only applies when setting up a prospecting office outside the European Economic Area (EEA): all countries outside the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

7.   International customisation

This subsidy from Flanders Investment & Trade aims to encourage Flemish companies to realise creative projects that promote international business from within Flanders. The customisation project must not qualify for any of FIT's generic subsidies.

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Gwen De Rudder
Gwen De Rudder
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