Estate planning

Decisions you make privately or professionally often have major implications for your estate later on. Do you want peace of mind about your estate today and in the future? Our estate planners assist you with professional advice. This is how you protect yourself, your loved ones, your property and your business.

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Smart estate planning: teamwork 

Smart estate planning depends to a great extent on your financial situation, family composition and specific plans that you may have for the future. Our estate planners have extensive and detailed knowledge in many of these areas. As such, you can expect to receive comprehensive and detailed advice so that you and your loved ones have total peace of mind regarding your estate.

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An SBB advisor at your side

Our team of advisors are always ready to answer your questions about estate planning.

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Looking to the future with peace of mind

We provide you with secure and legally correct solutions to organise, preserve and transfer your estate in a tax-friendly way. 

Experts in many fields under one roof

You can count on our extensive expertise not only for estate planning but also for other questions and milestones.

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Much more than succession planning

Succession planning determines what happens to your movable and immovable assets when you die – in other words, it's about the distribution of your estate. Estate planning, on the other hand, helps you secure your future and that of your business. For example, your SBB advisor helps you better understand your estate and how much you need for yourself. This way, you can donate some of this estate with peace of mind if you want. 

Furthermore, your SBB advisor will assist you in making the right arrangements and providing protection for your partner. You may also want to employ our expertise to organise the continuity of your business, resume control of private decisions when you can no longer do this yourself, and so on. 

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