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Cookie policy of SBB Accountants & Adviseurs (SBB Accountants and Consultants)

These terms and conditions relate to your use of our website is a website of “SBB Bedrijfsdiensten BV (SBB Corporate Services, LLC) , with registered office at Diestsevest 32 box 1A, 3000 Leuven in Belgium and company number 0420.170.841, RPR Leuven, - on the one hand, and “SBB Gecertificeerde Accountants en Adviseurs BV (SBB Certified Accountants and Advisors LLC), with registered office at Diestsevest 32 box 1A, 3000 Leuven in Belgium and company number 0459.609.556, RPR Leuven, - on the other hand, both hereinafter referred to as "SBB" or "SBB Accountants & Adviseurs (SBB Accountants and Consultants)". If you have a contractual relationship or would enter into one, this is with one of the aforementioned entities and not with both.

The Belgian law on electronic communications contains provisions governing cookies and their use on websites. We would like to inform you as best we can about the legislation and the cookies that we use. Cookies are small text files which are saved locally on your computer to help us optimize the use of our website. Cookies help us remember your choices (for example, the chosen language, a newsletter, etc.) and enable us to show you more relevant services and other information.

It is recommended to activate cookies when visiting the SBB website. However, you are free to decline cookies if you want. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our website. The cookies that we use are safe. The information that we collect using cookies helps us identify possible errors or lets us show you specific services that we believe may be of interest to you. We do not save any information that is directly linked to you, such as credit card data.

Why are we telling you so much about our cookies? EU  legislation requires that we are open and honest about the cookies we use. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Which cookies does SBB use?

When visiting our website we recommend that you enable cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. If cookies are not enabled, we cannot guarantee a hassle-free visit to our site.  However, you can limit, block or delete SBB's cookies by modifying your browser settings.