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SBB helps Pauline D'Haenens with explosive growth of her luxury candle business

Nathalie Put

It all started with 5,000 euros of her savings, but in the meantime the young entrepreneur Pauline D'Haenens has grown her business into an international candle brand. On sale in some 400 shops around the world. SBB provided targeted advice for rapid but smart growth. Pauline talks about their enlightening collaboration.  

Helping you be smart in business

Our clients are passionate entrepreneurs. They are all on an inspiring journey, with SBB at their side. In 'Helping you be smart in business', our clients talk about their experience, and we explore the deeper meaning of #helping you be #smart #in business.

#Helping you be

Pauline: "I started Mon Dada so I could market natural, sustainable scented candles. The idea originated in New York, but in the meantime, my entrepreneurial adventure has moved to Belgium. I prefer to be busy with my passion: the production of our candle collections. So I was looking for a strong partner to help me with the bookkeeping and tax part of the business. Collaborating with SBB allowed me to make huge steps forward."

"When I started, my SBB advisor was like my right hand: creating a good business plan, finding funding and taking care of the articles of association: SBB assisted me with making many crucial decisions."


As a budding entrepreneur, Pauline learned a lot from her start-up coach at SBB. And the accounting software sbbSLIM also makes her life easier. "I can track my figures in real time, always have an overview of how my business is doing financially, and I can make adjustments quickly." 
Pauline: "Mon Dada is growing very fast. Without SBB, I would not be where I am today. For example, they help with my VAT returns and updating my business plan. I am happy to have a strong partner at my side to make small and major improvements."

#In Business

"Entrepreneurship for me is the result of my love of sustainable candles and the desire to create a business with them. In the meantime, we sell them in more than 40 countries, I manage a team of employees, and I'm working with architect and designer Glenn Sestig on a new collection." 

Pauline: "It's quite overwhelming, in a positive way, but I'm convinced that with SBB's help I can continue to grow in a healthy way."

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