A digital accounting platform for fast, smart and well-calculated businesses

sbbSLIM is our innovative solution for clients who want to digitize their entire bookkeeping. Using this brand new digital customer platform means they never have to bring invoices to our offices. Just mail or scan them. Even a photo is good enough. The documents are processed and clear diagrams let you closely monitor your revenues, costs and operating results.

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No need to take invoices to your accountant

Use sbbSLIM to conveniently upload your incoming and outgoing invoices. Digital invoices? Just forward them to sbbSLIM. Paper invoices? Scan or take a photo and then email them. 

An up-to-date overview of your business results – any time and anywhere 

Crystal clear dashboards provide the latest overview of all your figures: turnover, costs, VAT, etc. This way you can make relevant business decisions.

Your entire administration in a single digital archive

sbbSLIM serves as an archive for all your important financial documents. Need something fast? Information is at your finger tips – no matter where you are. 

Free and secure

sbbSLIM is free for all SBB clients who choose the subscription formula. And last but not least, it's a safe platform. All your data is stored on secure servers in the cloud.

More than 6.500 SBB clients are already using sbbSLIM today.   It makes them smarter in their business everyday.

"Since we started using sbbSLIM, I don't meet up with my accountant as often as before. Everything is digital.  And when we do see each other, we have time to discuss future plans instead of administration. "

Sandra Biesemans (Resitech)