About us

SBB Accountants & Advisors

A business coach with 30 branches

Every day, more than 22,000 clients rely on SBB's proactive and forward-looking insights. As a business coach and knowledge partner, we offer entrepreneurs, starters, SME company managers, liberal professionals and social profit professionals a wide range of accountancy services and advice on how to be smarter in their business. We do this from 30 branch offices across Flanders. 

Small and big at the same time

Our services include accountancy, taxation, advice for starters, financial and strategic advice, estate planning, environmental advice and general business and legal advice. We can guarantee this comprehensive approach thanks to our structure: We have 30 local branches with extensive expertise, supplemented by seasoned product experts and a central knowledge centre at our head office. This central team of top legal experts, tax specialists and economists translate in-depth knowledge into clear, tailor-made advice.

Human insights, technological support

We deliver our brand promise, Helping you be smart in business, through a combination of experienced experts and smart technology. We use technological solutions for all traditional accounting tasks so our consultants have plenty of time to assist entrepreneurs throughout their business journey. We also provide our clients with tools such as sbbSLIM and Exact Online, allowing them to digitise their invoicing and at the same time get an up-to-date and clear picture of their results.

Central knowledge centre

Expertise is exchanged in both directions between our local offices and central knowledge centre.  In this way, we share the locally acquired knowledge centrally (such as sector-specific best practices) and our local branch offices can then put the final legal dots on the i's. The results? As an SBB client, you always have the latest insights to help you move your business forward. 

Foreign companies can also build on our experience and e-knowledge

Thanks to our experience with foreign companies and our excellent contacts with other service providers around the world via our TIAG alliance, our consultants have expert knowledge of international tax and other topics that are relevant for setting up a business in Belgium.

"Reliable advice can only come from a deep understanding of entrepreneurs and their challenges. That is why we keep a close eye on the sectors where our clients are active. In this way we can relieve them of their worries and help them grow faster."

Raf Sels - CEO of SBB