Helping you be smart in business

SBB is the biggest fan of your entrepreneurship. And we support you with smart teams and tools. Your SBB accountant thinks strategically across the board with you, flanked by experts for specialised advice. As such, we collaborate with you to build your success. Because smart growth requires a true partner.

How we like to work with you


Our fields of expertise

  • Accountancy & bookkeeping

    Your bookkeeping is so much more than a legal obligation. Bookkeeping tailored to your business enables you to confidently make the right decisions throughout the life of your company. You are never on your own because your SBB accountant understands your business and translates your figures into advice and insights that you can really use.
  • Tax advice

    Taking decisions often has tax implications. Your SBB advisor outlines the scenarios and immediately anticipates the next step. Are smart optimisations possible? And what future measures should you already take into account today?
  • Financial strategic advice

    Are you considering selling your business, reviewing financing options for a major investment or just looking for expert financial advice? Our corporate finance advisors are always at your disposal. As a trusted partner and sounding board, we help you create a strategy and guide you through the entire process.
  • Environmental advice

    Trying to keep up with complex and rapidly changing environmental legislation? You are an entrepreneur or architect, so you can leave that to us. After all, that's our core business. At SBB, you can count on expert guidance for permit applications or environmental declarations in the event of an inspection or when new regulations are imminent.
  • Legal advice

    Incorporating a company, concluding contracts, transferring your business or planning an acquisition? All these decisions must occur within a legal framework. Our legal advisors know these laws and regulations like the back of their hand. They advise you in a language that you understand and inform you proactively when a change is imminent for you.
  • Advice for starters

    Starting or acquiring a company can be quite a hassle. And you probably have better things to do than take care of administrative formalities. You also need to be familiar with the legal, financial and accounting side of running your own business. With an SBB accountant always at your side, you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Business support

    An acquisition, new activities, digitalisation: entrepreneurs want and need to keep moving continuously. You try to cope with these changes but growing pains, stress and perhaps even inefficiency lurk around the corner. Our business support consultants navigate you through your change process.
  • Estate planning

    Decisions you make privately or professionally often have major implications for your wealth later on. Do you want peace of mind about your wealth today and in the future? Our estate planners assist you with professional advice. This is how you protect yourself, your loved ones, your property and your business.

Who we are

  • The leading accounting firm and consultancy for ambitious entrepreneurs and social-profit organisations.
  • Always in your neighbourhood, thanks to our network of 27 branches spread across Flanders. 
  • Your knowledge partner, also through strategic partnerships that allow us to enhance our sector knowledge even further.

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