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Worth your trust

Why do companies choose SBB?

Earning our customers’ trust every day

SBB has over 40 years of experience. In all those years our staff have built up a clientele of more than 20,000 files in accountancy and taxation. Besides the ‘Big Four’, SBB is the largest accounting firm and tax consultant in Belgium with 30 local offices. Our basic services consist of accountancy, fiscal and environmental advice and, thanks to, amongst others, the support of our central research and documentation service, entrepreneurs can also get legal advice from us. Our environmental consulting service, founded in 1996 due to the increasing complexity of the environmental regulation, currently also consists of a team of engineers and lawyers who ensure the often necessary professional guidance.

Professional and affordable services

Our staff are permanently being trained and they can call on our own research and documentation service staffed by lawyers and economists, who are constantly following legislation. Thus, our staff are very quickly informed of law amendments that are important to our customers. In this way, we offer our customers a professional and affordable service based on accurate figures, laws and facts. In addition, customers can opt for fixed price agreements on an annual basis, so that they know what they can expect from us and how much it will cost them in advance.

Call on our consulting cell specialists

Every entrepreneur needs specific and objective advice when he has to take strategically important decisions, such as a restructuring, takeover projects, (international) cooperation with other companies, etc… To this end our customers can call on the consulting cell. These staff have the required specialized legal, social and fiscal knowledge and a lot of experience in the field of business organization. In that way, they can work out the best solution with your SBB consultant.

Also foreign companies can build on our experience and e-knowledge

Thanks to our experience with foreign companies and our good contacts with other service companies, our consultants have expert knowledge of international tax and other items that are relevant for the set-up of a business in Belgium. Furthermore, if companies choose the webaccounting offer of SBB, they have all their accounting data continuously at their disposal via internet. Based on the reputable WinBooks software, our online application is fully adapted to the Belgian legislation and exists in a Dutch and French version. Reporting in English is also possible.

Close to the customer with our 30 regional offices

To be as close to our customers as possible, SBB has developed a network of 30 regional SBB offices, where you can always get help from one of our SBB consultants.