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Expert knowledge

Our Services

We provide enterprising people with full support in the fields of bookkeeping, accountancy, taxation and environmental regulations, in every phase of their business – from start-up to wind-down.

Advice and assistance for the start up

  • Choosing between a subsidiary or a branch (legal differences, consequences for tax purposes, start up losses, …)
  • Administrative formalities at the start up: registration, publications, permits, necessary certificates, VAT-number, … In case of a subsidiary: preparation of articles, financial plan, … (before the first contact with a Public Notary)
  • Assistance with the startup of the bookkeeping for the Belgian entity and the concept of reporting for the head office
  • Employment of personnel in Belgium: tax and social aspects (taxation of non-residents, special tax regime for foreign senior employees or for specialised personnel, salary split, applicable social legislation, employment of Belgian personnel, ...


Bookkeeping is not only a legal obligation, but it also forms the basis for the most important business decisions. Our SBB consultants are your experienced consultative partners for this purpose.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Cost evaluation
  • Financial planning
  • Subsidies
  • Investment analysis
  • Analysis of the operating results
  • Automation of administrative organisation

Tax law

Also in the field of tax law, sound knowledge of legislation is a basic condition for a good service. For this purpose, your SBB consultant can rely not only on the experience of his office colleagues but he is also supported by a team of lawyers and economists at the head office.

  • Private and corporate tax
  • All VAT formalities
  • Fiscal optimization
  • Support with tax inspections
  • Appeals and procedures
  • Fiscal matters with regard to employment
  • International tax consultancy


Every manager needs very particular advice when he has to take strategically important decisions such as a restructuring of activities, takeover projects or cooperation with other companies. At that moment he can call on a team of SBB co-workers with specialized legal, social and fiscal knowledge and with experience in terms of business organization.

  • Assessment of companies
  • Acquisitions and succession planning (holding, management company, patrimonial company)
  • Thorough investment and risk analysis
  • Administrative and financial auditing
  • Financing calculations
  • International taxation issues
  • Personnel taxation (choice of status, tax-friendly rewards, salary split, …)
  • Fiscal optimizations

Environmental advice

Environmental obligations for companies are increasing by the day, just like the influence of environmental law on the operational management. Correct and comprehensive advice that also takes into account the fiscal, legal and financial aspects of the environmental file is not a luxury. Our environmental advisers give companies that professional guidance.

  • Drafting of and support with environmental files
  • Drafting of and support with construction files
  • Drafting of and support with environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental screening (also in case of takeovers)
  • Task of the external environmental coordinator
    Legal assistance
  • Advice on the issue of measuring wells
  • Drafting of and support with socio-economic licenses
  • Drafting of amenity studies (also for building applications)

Legal advice

Every day, our staff handle questions from customers concerning regulations, permits, trade practices or other specialized legislation. They are also often the first contact when entrepreneurs are confronted with legal problems. Therefore, our staff are constantly being trained and they can also call on our research and documentation service of lawyers, economists and engineers who follow legislation on a permanent basis.

Civil law
Rent law / insurance law / contracts / trade practices / easements / town and country planning / permits / levies (for instance, for lack of occupancy and dilapidation) / land consolidation and allotment / expropriation

Business law
One-man business / types of partnerships / sale and takeover of businesses / mergers

Family law
Matrimonial property rights / gifts / guardianship / adoption / study grants

Law of succession
Inheritance tax / declaration of inheritance / wills