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SBB Accountants & Advisors

Welcome to SBB, a firm of experienced accountants and tax consultants with 30 branches in Belgium

Successful enterprise requires many skills. In addition to insight into human nature, professional knowledge, dedication and perseverance you also continually have to find your way through the numerous legal bligations, formalities and new regulations. That is the only way you can get the maximum out of the opportunities that arise. We provide enterprising people with full support in the fields of bookkeeping, accountancy, taxation and environmental regulations, in every phase of their business – from start-up to wind-down.

Worth your trust

SBB has a complete offer to the measure of dynamic entrepreneurs like yourself. Your SBB consultant in one of the 30 SBB offices is your confidential adviser who follows up your business administration and gives specific advice on all aspects of accountancy, tax law and environmental legislation. To this end he is constantly in touch with his colleagues to exchange knowledge and experience. However, he is also your key to even more answers and solutions.

Expert knowledge

He can always call on the central study and documentation service of SBB on your behalf. In this department, business legislation is painstakingly followed in all its aspects. Experienced lawyers and other specialised co-workers search for answers to your questions.

Build on our experience

For tasks that require very specialized knowledge, the consulting cell is there for you. Environmental SBB advisers guide you through environmental legislation and advise on your building industry trades. Moreover, with important strategic decisions – restructuring, takeovers or large investments – a team of highly experienced SBB co-workers in the field of business organization is ready for you.

Member of TIAG

SBB is a member of the worldwide TIAG alliance of accounting firms. That ensures you have access to outstanding accounting services at home and abroad.

Perfectly clear

Cooperation with SBB is clean-cut. You make clear arrangements concerning job responsibilities and cost price with your SBB consultant in advance. He offers his practical experience and strong central support. Thus, you are not only certain of high quality basic services, but under all circumstances you can also count on real expert advice from your SBB consultant. Over 20,000 start-ups, managers, directors and liberal professionals currently benefit from SBB’s personal service.