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Is your customer bankrupt? We will inform you immediately!

Free service for SBB-customers

Good monitoring of your customers’ payment traffic is extremely important for you. You especially want to keep a finger on the pulse of your customers during financially difficult times and prefer to be informed as quickly as possible of any difficulties they may have. After all they may also affect your company. For that reason we developed a free service for our customers.

E-mail in the event of customer bankruptcy

You will receive an email from SBB once we establish that a customer of yours has petitioned for bankruptcy or has been declared bankrupt in another way. We will also provide you with the details of the administrator and the deadline for submitting your claim to the court, so that you can quickly submit a declaration of the amount of unpaid invoices the customer still has outstanding.

Being informed in time has its advantages …

  • You can submit your claim to the court in good time.
  • You can recover the VAT on unpaid goods or services that you supplied to the customer concerned.
  • You can deduct the outstanding claim(s) from your fiscal result.

How do we work?

As your accountant we have a view of all customers included in your accounts. Customers with a Belgian VAT number who have been included in your accounts over the last two years or who still have an outstanding debt form the basis for our daily screening of all bankruptcy declarations in Belgium.Once we establish that a VAT-liable customer has been declared bankrupt, you will receive an email from us with all the information required. We also explain what you should do in this case.

What does this service cost?

This service is free for SBB-customers for whom we do the accounts or who work with Winbooks ASP. Because we consider that this type of information is also part of the accountant’s duties and because we like you to be informed quickly of anything that might have negative consequences for your company or activity. Because a warned entrepreneur is definitely worth at least two in these kinds of situations.