Legal advice for your business

Making the best of legal formalities for your business

For everything you do as an entrepreneur, you operate within a legal framework which unfortunately is not always transparent. Legislation can be a hindrance, but it can also offer opportunities. So when legal reforms take effect in the near or distant future, the sooner and more you know about them, the easier it will be to respond to the new situation. And that's exactly where SBB comes in.

Objective and crystal clear advice

Your personal SBB consultant pro-actively supports you in all the legal aspects of your business: your legal entity, permits, contracts, and so on. But we go even further. Thanks to the SBB knowledge centre, a team of top legal experts that continuously monitors legislation, you can also contact us for tailor-made advice. From civil law (rent, insurances, levies, etc.) to family law (estate, gifts, custody, etc.) and inheritance law (succession, wills, etc.), we give you objective advice so that you can make smart decisions.

We have you covered with our accountancy and advice

We believe that an accountant or consultant is first and foremost a person of trust. A person who really understands you and your business. That's why we always take the time to get to know you. Visit one of our 30 branches in Flanders without any obligation.