Environmental advice

Environmental advice to help you see the forest for the trees

As an entrepreneur it's very difficult to stay abreast of the complex and constantly changing environmental and urban planning legislation. Where do you begin? And should you have to do this at all? SBB monitors the latest developments for you. You receive our advice and support at relevant times: about your environmental permit, for the annual environmental declarations or an environmental inspection, or when yet another new law takes effect. 

Environmental and building advisors team

You can contact your dedicated SBB consultant for any questions you may have and at any milestone. If necessary, we use the services of a specialised environmental or building advisor. A building advisor has industry experience and can help you with:

  • The filing of an integrated environmental permit 
  • Your spring declarations
  • An environment impact report (MER study)
  • The creation of an appropriate assessment
  • Environmental audits
  • The assignment for an external environment coordinator
  • Socio-economic permits
We have you covered with our accountancy and advice

We believe that an accountant or consultant is first and foremost a person of trust. A person who really understands you and your business. That's why we always take the time to get to know you. Visit one of our 30 branches in Flanders without any obligation.