Advice for starters

Guidance and advice for a smooth start

Starting your own business is a reason to celebrate! And you probably have better things to do than take care of administrative formalities. However, you will inevitably have to deal with legal, financial or accounting issues. But you're not on your own: an SBB business starter consultant guides you through the process and assists you with all the practicalities. Together we can give your business a flying start. 

Dozens of questions, one point of contact

Of course, building your own business requires time. Each step involves new questions and decisions. How do I prepare a financial plan? What legal form is appropriate for my business? What about VAT, taxes and accounting? Do I need any special permits? What investments are necessary and how do I spread them? Difficult questions for you, but a piece of cake for your SBB consultant. 

We have you covered with our accountancy and advice

We believe that an accountant or consultant is first and foremost a person of trust. A person who really understands you and your business. That's why we always take the time to get to know you. Visit one of our 30 branches in Flanders without any obligation.