Accountancy & bookkeeping

Accountancy & bookkeeping that makes entrepreneurs smarter

One of our main activities consists of helping our more than 22,000 clients, including some 800 starters, with accountancy and bookkeeping services. Accurately and comprehensively, of course. But also tailored to your challenges, your financial requirements, and your plans and ambitions.

Advice beyond the numbers 

We can also help you with valuations, merger balance sheets, cash flow planning, subsidies research, advice on investments, and so much more. We go beyond the numbers and formalities in every domain. We guarantee proactive advice and insights in language that you understand, to help you get on with your business. And whenever possible, we rely on smart technology, such as our sbbSLIM platform, to deal with all the administrative work. 

We have you covered with our accountancy and advice

We believe that an accountant or consultant is first and foremost a person of trust. A person who really understands you and your business. That's why we always take the time to get to know you. Visit one of our 30 branches in Flanders without any obligation.